Struggling to fit everything into your home before moving? Moving to a new home in West GA that’s smaller than your old one? Renting trash containers from Dumpster Rental West GA will help you get rid of all the excess stuff you don’t need, allowing you to only take what you need with you and make room for the things that matter most to you! Here are three tips on how to effectively use rental dumpsters before your next move!

Do I need a Dumpster Rental West GA?

Most people who rent a dumpster usually fit into one of two categories: they’re moving and need somewhere to put all their junk, or they’re doing some kind of home renovation. If you’re looking for dumpster rental in your area, it’s most likely because you fall into one of these categories. Of course, we recommend hiring movers for any big moves, but if you want to hire someone locally and don’t have a lot of space left in your driveway or garage, renting a smaller dumpster can work just fine as long as you use it wisely.

How much space do I need?

If you’re planning on throwing away large items like furniture, appliances or mattresses, be sure you have enough space in your rented dumpster to accommodate them. It’s often best if you can rent a dumpster that is 20 percent larger than your total load. If you aren’t sure how much space is needed for your particular load, give your rental company a call. Most companies offer free customer service hotlines that will tell you exactly how big of a container you need and what size can best fit in your driveway or parking area. They may also be able to arrange pickups and deliveries when it’s convenient for you. If at all possible, try and schedule your pickup for an off-peak time like midweek or early morning.

How often will I need it?

If you’re downsizing before moving out of your home, you should rent a dumpster for at least one month. By doing so, you’ll have time to discard all of your belongings at your own pace. Keep in mind that smaller size dumpsters are available if you need space for only a few items; call us today at (470)-755-8723 if you have any questions about which unit is right for your project.

Where should I put my dumpster?

Let’s face it, moving is not easy. Many people are often underprepared for what actually goes into downsizing their household. The task can seem daunting at times as you carefully consider each item in your home and decide if it has value enough to take with you or if it’s better off left behind. One of the easiest ways to tackle your move is by using professional dumpster rental services in Georgia. The experts at Pronto-Dumpsters help simplify things by helping get rid of unwanted items such as furniture, appliances, tires, tree stumps, carpeting, mattresses, paper products and more so that you have more room in your new house or apartment for all of your belongings that do have value.

Choosing the right size

There are two things you need to consider when choosing your dumpster size: how much trash will you have and what type of debris is it? Volume and weight can be two big differences between different sizes of dumpsters. For example, a 20 cubic yard roll off container has up to 10 times more volume than an 8 cubic yard container. This is why you need to know how much trash you’ll have before you make your final decision on size. Another consideration is what type of waste it will be because different types (such as construction, concrete or dirt) require different amounts of space in order for them not to compact down while they sit in your dumpster.

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

Finding out that your dumpster rental has additional fees added onto it will likely ruin your move. Make sure you’re aware of any fees that may come up before signing up for your service. If there are any additional costs, ask yourself if they’re worth paying in order to have a stress-free move. (hint: they aren’t).

Trash container options

A.K.A., what size dumpster is right for me? There are three main categories of dumpsters: 14 and 20 yards. Each category measures in cubic yards, or how much space your junk will take up.