How can I get rid of my old furniture? Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller apartment or cleaning out the garage, there are many effective ways to get rid of old furniture, and plenty of ways to do it wrong. The secret to making sure your junk removal process goes smoothly is to choose the right method of disposal, whether that means throwing it in the trash or renting a dumpster. Here’s how to get rid of old furniture using West Georgia dumpster rental services.

Declutter First

If you have an area that needs to be decluttered before it can become storage space, don’t forget to take advantage of West Georgia dumpster rental services. A full unit or trailer can hold a large amount of your unwanted possessions and get them out of your way while you work towards reducing clutter in your home.

Rent a Large Dumpster

Dumpsters are large trash containers that can be used to haul off household junk during a move. By renting a dumpster you don’t have to worry about how you will dispose of your garbage or how you will get it from your home to our dumpsters. When using West Georgia dumpster rental services we only use professional grade dumpsters designed specifically for heavy-duty use. Make sure to ask us what size we recommend before ordering a dumpster so that you know if it can handle all of your old furniture and debris.

Bag Everything That Will Fit in the Dumpster

When you’re ready to bag up your garbage, get an extra pair of hands to help you. (Depending on how much stuff you have, a nearby neighbor might be willing to help.) The first thing you’ll want to do is bag any trash that won’t fit in a can. These are things like plastic bags and anything else that would normally go into your recycling bin.

See What Is Left Over

Most people get rid of unwanted furniture by donating it to a charity or hauling it to a recycling center. Both are fine ways to recycle, but before you go that route, see what is left over and pick out anything that is still in working condition. That way, you can sell it for cash or give it away to someone who needs furniture. It’s amazing how much you can make when you don’t need (or want) something anymore! For example, if your garage has been flooded with old computer parts that nobody uses anymore, then think about trading those items online for a new laptop!